Darco - Positioning Devices

Darco - Positioning Devices

Positioning Devices

Immobilization of the Ankle and Elbow Joint.
Effective Positioning of the Heel, Achilles Tendon, Ankle, etc.

Positioning devices, Positioning Splints, Pressure Off-loading Devices. Foot and Ankle Care with Orthopedic Devices and Shoes by DARCO

There is strength in tranquility: In some cases, only the immobilization of the injured area will provide sustainable therapeutic healing. DARCO has developed a wide range of medical devices that can be used to securely position and fixate most parts of the body to promote healing.

Perfect, Individual Fit.
Positioning devices created by DARCO are well known for individualizing the proper fit. The Body Armor® Night Splint Splinting System fixates the foot at an angle of 90° while at the same time, offering a high level of comfort. The principle is simple: to prevent equines deformities and the shortening of the Achilles tendon while in a resting state or during convalescence. For precise positioning and off-loading we have the Heel Suspension Boot in three variations.

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