Darco - Tapes

Darco - Tapes


Elastic Tapes for Kinesiology, Non-elastic Athletic Tapes,
Cross Acupuncture Tapes, Underwraps, Cooling Bandages, etc.

Pressure releif foot with special insoles for orthopaedic shoes. Orthopedic Insoles, Outsoles, Toe-Caps

Today’s injuries sustained during sports on the field are often treated immediately on the side-lines. Effective treatment and prevention is becoming increasingly more important for the professional athlete as well as for the amateur or week-end warrior sports enthusiast. DARCO’s acquired knowledge and experience over the years has lead us directly to the needs of active life styles found among the many today. We’ve developed an extensive portfolio of tapes and complementing accessories. Now after 30 years, DARCO has the right solutions not only for effective medical care but also addressing the distinctively more demanding needs for physiotherapy and injury prevention.

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